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Prayer to Saint Michael for Protection

st michael's prayer of protection

Welcome, In this post I will share a powerful prayer to Saint Michael for protection against all troubles.

I strongly advise you to try to pray deeper and deeper each time you pray the Archangel Michael prayer for protection. Remember that merely repeat the prayer in a mechanical way, or absent minded will not impact enough.

Try to gather all your devotion and concentration in order to succeed with your prayers.

Let us Pray now…

Beloved God, Devine Saint Michael, please grant me total and absolute protection in my life.

May your all powerful sword of wisdom and will guide me.

¡Oh powerful Archangel Michael! Prince of the heavens, let me cross the path of life unharmed, let the compass of my will only points to thee.

Free me from the mud of pain and suffering, and let me dive deep into the waters of bliss. Divine Saint Michel, always grant your protection to me and to my loved ones.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Devine Saint Michael, I come to thee asking for thy divine protection.

Please cover my body, mind and soul with thy mantle of joy, so I may be able to live beyond fear and suffering.

Grant me always the consciousness of love so I can truly express my divine nature in every aspect of my life.

And above all, protect me from the fangs of ignorance, the greatest enemy of men.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

arcagel miguel prayer

Powerful Archangel Michael Prayer for protection Against Evil

Beloved Saint Michael, come to me, let thy divine light cover my entire being freeing it from all kinds of evil.

Please bless me with spiritual evolution, right activity and good thoughts.

Let my mind only points to what’s good in life, and never to calamities avoiding their materialization.

Free my consciousness from fear, and fill it only with courage, devotion and love.

I know now that the greatest protection comes when I silently turn my gaze to thee.

May my faith in thee never ceases, may my will to reach the Lord never fades and may I be able to live in thy bliss forever and forever.

Peace, Peace, Amen.