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How do you Pray to Archangel Michael: 11 Simple Steps


When we think on how to pray to Archangel Michael the most common thing is to think of a specific prayer, however, when we think of the results, many people do not feel they have been successful.

It is important to know that we must be able to see the results of our prayer to Archangel Michael and in the same way we have to be aware of why we do not have witness a result of our prayers.

The main mistake we make is trying to pray to Saint Michael mechanically, thinking that just repeating a prayer will be enough.

This does not work like that, we must have a fervent desire in the heart, we must be in a purely devotional state.

Remember everything the saints did to invoke the presence of God and Christ. They fasted, kept silent, isolated themselves, gave up comforts, among many others.

All with the aim of entering deep devotional states of worship to God. Hence the results they obtained.

Now, we do not have to do all those things in their entirety to invoke the presence of Saint Michael the Archangel, however, if it is necessary to cultivate the proper internal state.

So, How to talk to Archangel Michael? To talk to Archangel Michael we must dedicate a period of 15 minutes to relaxing the body and mind, inhaling and exhaling, then, with all our concentration and devotion we must pray and visualize him until we feel the answer.

Here is a guide that will be of great help to learn how to pray to Archangel Michael and truly feel his presence.

Guide to Successfully Pray to Saint Michael the Archangel 11 Step Invocation

1. Set aside a space that is exclusive to pray.

2. Place a small altar with the image of Christ and the Archangel Michael. (you can place the images of other saints and archangels)

3. Light a white or blue candle.

4. Seek to be alone and free from noise and distractions.

5. Raise a prayer asking for concentration and devotion, ask with all your sincerity that the love of God flow to you.

6. Concentrate all your attention for 5 minutes on the image of Saint Michael the Archangel. Do not ask for anything yet, just think to attract his presence to you.

7. Do not allow thoughts to invade you that remove the image of Saint Michael from your mind. Control your mind to be free from worries or other things that may distract you.

8. Now, raise the prayer that you like to Saint Michael, it can be one that you have previously selected or one that comes from the heart and intuition.

9. Repeat the prayer 6 to 12 times, not allowing the repetition to become mechanical, so that all your attention and devotion remain united to the words you evoke.

10. Remain a few more minutes in silence, feeling a deep feeling of joy invade you, try to maintain that feeling, since that is the first manifestation of the presence of Archangel Michael.

11. Try to maintain a constant and active conversation with Saint Michael throughout the day, tell him your concerns, your doubts and ask that his presence increase in your life and above all, ask him to fill you with devotion to constantly perceive him.

Additional recommendations on learning to pray to the Archangel Michael

If you analyze these steps you can see that we do little emphasis on requests for something specific. This is because God and Archangel Michael are aware of all our predicaments.

God is omnipresent, he knows our needs, yet he lacks our love and our devotion.

It is very easy to ask and ask for miracles to be worked in our lives and for our problems to be fixed. Yet who offers love to the Lord? Who affirms with the devotion that Christ affirmed “Thy will be done”?

Would you answer to someone who comes to your house and starts demanding things and more instantly without showing affection or gratitude?

What if, on the contrary, someone arrives and the first thing they tell you is how glad they are to see you and you realize that that person is only there to be with you?

Wouldn’t you be interested because he felt comfortable and would you seek to help him as much as possible before that person asked you for something?

Our relationship with God and with his Archangels is similar, we cannot treat them as mere providers.

Although they bless our lives unconditionally at all times, we must invoke them through unconditional love and devotion.

Only then do we truly attract his presence into our life.

It is very important to keep these points in mind when making an invocation to Saint Michael the Archangel or some other archangel or saint.