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Archangel Michael Signs, The 7 Most Powerful

archangel michael signs

When we go through difficult times in our lives, it is normal to look for signs of the presence of God or the Archangel Michael in our lives.

However, negativity and emotions often overshadow their presence, making us think that they have left our lives, leaving us abandoned, without consolation and without hope.

This way of seeing things is due to the power of the illusion created by Satan, the objective of this is none other than to keep us away from the presence of Saint Michael the Archangel.

This is because, if we turn away from God and fall into negativity of thought and feeling, we are easy prey to be influenced into succumbing those actions that will only bring suffering to our lives.

All of us, at some point in our lives, to a greater or lesser extent, have been victims of this situation.

This is why I have put this article together, I want to help you perceive the signs of Archangel Michael. I will mention all of them below, and later on explain in detail each one.

So, the 7 seven Signs of Archangel Michael are the following:

  1. Deep Sense of Peace.
  2. Inspiration and Creativity.
  3. A Flow of Willpower.
  4. The ability to constantly be reminded of God and Saint Michael.
  5. Inclination to help others.
  6. Resistance from within to act upon bad habits like anger.
  7. A powerful need to pray and look within ourselves.

1. Deep Sense of Peace

This is one of the signs that we overlook the most, peace is one of the main signs and experiences we have of the presence of God and Archangel Michael in our lives.

When you are praying and you are really concentrated on your prayers, you may notice an enveloping feeling of peace that flows from within you.

We must not less appreciate the peace that comes to us, this is one of the main and most subtle manifestations of Saint Michael the Archangel.

In this state, we are able to completely change our mindset and our dark tendencies of worrying and fearing. When you are praying and you notice the subtle pace, hold on to it and deepen your prayers.

By doing this you will come to now that the effects will last throughout the day. When you notice that the evil tendencies are arousing in the mind, quickly turn back to Archangel Michael and pray silently.

Trust me when I tell you that this way works, it has been for me a very powerful tool to keep God and Saint Michael near, surprisingly, I’ve found out that I can cope with life much more easily.

2. Inspiration and Creativity

Many times, at the end of our prayers, we feel inclined to carry out specific actions, we are inspired to act in a certain sense and in specific aspects of our lives.

Many people ignore these flashes of inspiration and do not act upon them, they only think about the problem they have at their door and spend their time and energy thinking and thinking about it, without finding results or solutions.

This way of acting really limits us. We don’t really envision the myriad ways to resolve a conflict. The action or approach that can come to us through inspiration may not have a direct relationship with the problem that concerns us.

However, acting with the guidance and inspiration received can lead us to take subsequent actions that will eventually bring a bright resolution to the conflict.

The problem is that our vision is limited and on many occasions it prevents us from seeing the correlations in our life.

3. A Flow of Willpower

When we are getting in tuned with Archangel Michael, our willpower becomes activated, it doesn’t matter if we are conscious or not. It is easy to fail to act upon due to our thought and behavior patterns.

Most people often pray to Archangel michael, they repeat the prayers, show devotion, ask for blessings and so on. When they had enough, they just get up and move on with their day, just as if they were done at the office. Few people try deepen their practice, and due to that fact they miss the blessings.

The worst part is that they then complain to God and to Saint Michael that they are not paying attention. They rebuke God and tell Him that He just forgot about them. That is a very common conversation that people have with God.

Next time, after you are done praying pay attention to the subtle feeling that is trying to make you act on a certain matter. In general it is trying to makes us act on unsolved things, things that might be uncomfortable but at the same time very beneficial if we just pour our will onto them.

The secret is that Saint Michael is already providing us the willpower to act! We just have to embrace it and use it.

4. The Ability to constantly be reminded of God and Saint Michael

This is one of the signs that we forget the most. Due to the fact that our mind operates only on the external plane, we do not realize that the mere fact of having the option of thinking about Archangel Michael is a symbol of his presence in our life.

Think of it this way,

What would be the difference in your feeling, if when facing a difficult situation, you put your mind on God instead of negativity and negative emotions?

Don’t you think you would reach a solution faster?

Don’t you think your attitude would be different?

Remember that we are blessed with God’s presence in of our lives by the mere factor that we thinking of Him. We just have to look to those people who aren’t able to do this.

If we are able to think of God, we have to know that He is with us and he has been always. Remember that God can never be absent, we can only become aware of his presence, and this my friend, is one of the most powerful blessings a human being can have.

5. Inclination to Help Others

This is a strong sign of the presence of Saint Michael in our lives, however, we often try to no look at it.

Why? because we are selfish, we just want the blessings to ourselves, we want protection, health, prosperity, love and so on. But when it comes to giving to others, then we do not listen.

Of course this can be a subconscious way of the ego, it doesn’t makes us bad people and certainly it doesn’t drives away the love of God, this is impossible. After all we are the soul.

But what it can cause is that we miss on those objects of our prayers, not because it comes as punishment of Saint Michel or God himself, but because we deny ourselves to share, that love, that prosperity, that peace, that we are praying for.

This creates on the mind a sense of scarcity preventing us to access the divine prosperity of the kingdom of God. At the end we just come to know that we are indeed punishing ourselves.

Never miss the chance to help others, do it in the best way you can, do not allow your ego tho cloud the nature of the soul. Allow God and Saint Michael to work through you.

6. Resistance from within to act upon bad habits like anger

This is a very special sign of the presence of Saint Michael. Even though we do not pray for this, Archangel Michael bless us with the power to resist our evil tendencies. We do not pay attention but it happens to us all the time.

Think about those times when a bad habit is trying to take over, do you notice how a little voice is telling you to resist? that it is not what you are supposed to be doing, and that it will hurt you in the end?

And do you notice on how you have to make a huge effort on muting that voice to just get away with that habit?

I have news for you; you are fighting against the voice of Saint Michael and the voice of the soul; that is why it is so hard to silence it. Of course we have free will and God or Saint Michael do not force us to anything, that’s why the voice eventually goes away.

But it is amazing on how we try to strengthen our willpower to do the wrong things in life. The next time let us flow with Archangel Michael and the voice of the soul and compare the results of the two ways of acting.

7. A powerful need to pray and look within ourselves.

The last sign of Archangel Michael is when we get a deep need to spend some time alone, praying and looking within ourselves.

To some people this can look like an existential crisis. We come to know that we start to question everything around us, our jobs, our hobbies, our habits, our goals and in the ultimate sense the meaning of life itself.

In reality this is not a crisis it is our soul waking up, It is a beautiful journey that will allow us know exactly what we have to do in our lives.

We just have to keep God and Saint Michael with us, and what it might seem like a crisis will become a powerful blessing. Find the time to allow yourself to explore within, know what lies beneath all appearances, practice a deep introspection and apply the changes you need to improve your life.

Perceiving the Signs of Saint Michael

A very important point is that the signs of Archangel Michael are easily noticeable once we focus and pay attention.

Many times we hope that the manifestations of God, his Archangels and his Saints, must be majestic, supernatural and super tangible experiences.

However, we have learned from the greatest saints that this is not so. Spiritual experiences begin in subtle and imperceptible ways.

When we think that the signs of Archangel Michael will be great manifestations, we are unintentionally letting go of the subtle signals that we receive all the time.