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Archangel Michael Prayer for Love

archangel michael prayer for love

On this occasion we share different prayers and forms of prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel for love.

It is important to mention that when we talk about prayers for love, we talk about divine love, that love that transcends everything.

It is useless to say a prayer to Archangel Michael for love when what’s within is not love, but an attraction and a worldly whim.

We must be honest with ourselves first, God and Saint Michael the Archangel see everything, we are his children and they know us perfectly.

They are in no way going to grant a prayer asking for a mere carnal whim.

The enemy to overcome on our way to God is the desire to experience pleasure, which fuels the flame of lust and makes us walk the path of ignorance.

God and Archangel Michael will not grant us wishes to make us slaves of pleasure. This would only make us live our lives pursuing pleasure and driving away from God.

Analyze your emotions well, look into your heart and discover if what you feel is love, or is it simply something external and fleeting. If it is love, follow the prayers that we present below.

If it is not love, and you have discovered that it is just the ego wanting to take you on the path of desire and pleasure, pray to Saint Michael the Archangel to guide you to divine love, the one that is from God and that brings bliss with it.

Let us pray…


Beloved Saint Michael the Archangel, supreme son of God, make me a person receptive to divine love.

May my magnetism develop and attract those souls in tune with you.

Make me an instrument to express the noble qualities that You have taught us.

Peace, Peace Amen.

Divine Saint Michael, make of me a receptacle your divine love.

That I can express it to everyone around me.

Grant me the blessing to attract receptive people to my love.

Allow me to be with a person whose love is also an expression of your divine and compassionate love.

Peace, Peace Amen.

Saint Michael Almighty, may your divine sword point me to the path I must follow to find divine love expressed in a soul.

May I share my life with that person that you send me, because I know that You and only You are the one who watches over me and knows what is best for me.

Peace, Peace Amen.

Heavenly Father, Saint Michael the Archangel, Bless me with a partner that radiates only your devine light.

You choose the person who will accompany me on the path of my life. Once we have met lead us to your abode of bliss.

Bless us so that together, with your blessing, we face all the challenges that we encounter, because those will only come to teach us how to cultivate divine love and return us to our home in the Lord.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Beloved Archangel Michael, prince of eternity, bless me and my partner so that our lives are always guided towards happiness.

Allow us both to find in the other the incorruptible image of the Father.

Turn our love into an eternal divine friendship.

Bless us to lavish one another with compassion, understanding, gratitude, and the mercy that Christ taught us.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Divine Saint Michael, bless me so that I can experience happiness in love as a couple.

May my relationship do not scare away my love or my longing for You, but rather feed it.

Allow me to experience a facet of your divine love in my spouse, so that with renewed efforts, I can come to experience Absolute love and Eternal Bliss.

Peace, Peace, Amen.