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Archangel Michael Prayer for Healing

On this occasion we share prayers to Archangel Michael for healing our bodies, minds and souls.

Remember that, in addition to continuously praying and asking for health to Saint Michael, it is very important that we actively pay attention to the rules and care designed to maintain health in our lives, such as exercise, good nutrition, among others.

If we can unite our prayers with a proper behavior system, we will notice that health will not be lacking in our lives.

So, if you notice that it is difficult for you to follow a behavior that is in harmony with the rules of health, ask God and Saint Michael the Archangel to provide you with the will and intelligence to behave appropriately.

However, it is most important that we know that the ultimate healing will always come from God Himself. Never allow your mind to trick you into thinking that healing from something is not possible.

The Lord is infinite, eternal, and for Him, there are not impossibles. The Impossible is an illusion of the ego.

Let us pray now, remembering always the greatness of Archangel Michael and that of the Lord…

Saint Michael the Archangel, it is you who directly supports my body, awaken in me, conscious health and conscious vitality; so that it is possible for me to fulfill the role that you have entrusted me to play in life.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Supreme God, Saint Michael almighty, remind me that I am your son, and that I am made in your image.Remind me that perfection dwells within me and that as your child I have perfect health in my body, mind and soul.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Beloved Saint Michael the Archangel, I ask you to revitalize my body and my soul with your almighty healing light.

Destroy any trace of imperfection rooted within me, I know that it is only the result of my wrong actions.

Help me, from now on, to walk the path of righteousness and bless me with physical, mental and spiritual health.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Heavenly Father, You are present in all your children; manifest your healing presence in their bodies and in my body.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Divine Archangel Michael, I know that You and God Himself are present in every atom and cell of our bodies.

Allow your healing light to remove all traces of the impurities of disease and leave only the perfect health that belongs to the soul.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

St. Michael the Archangel Prayer for the Sick

Beloved Saint Michael, O protector of heaven! I ask you in the name of (name) to cut with the sword of perfect health the dark bonds of disease.

It revives the will numbed by ills so that with renewed vitality (name) it may recover its health.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Oh Divine Saint Michael! May your piercing divine ray cause the darkness of disease to evaporate.

Let those souls that inhabit sick bodies remember that it is God who sustains them and that with Your guidance, Oh glorious Saint Michael! let them regain physical, mental and spiritual health.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Saint Michael the Archangel, tireless protector of the heavens, I ask you to restore health and vitality to (name).

Give him the opportunity to live a life full of health and spiritual bliss.

Let him know that it is You and only You who have healed him so that he may plunge into the inner search for Almighty God.

Peace, Peace, Amen.