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Archangel Michael Prayer Before Bed

Prayer to saint michael berfore bed

On this occasion I have the pleasure to share with you, a deep and profound Archangel Michael Prayer to pray before we go to bed.

As I always said, it is crucial that we put ourselves in a devotional state of mind, we want to pray with all our attention concentrated on God and Saint Michael.

Before you pray the Archangel Michael prayer for the night make sure you are fully relax in body and mind, this will help a lot to go deeper and succed on your prayers.

Let us pray…

Beloved Archangel Michael, prince of heaven, let this night be filled with Thy presence.

May my consciousness escape from the realm of duality to the higher realms of divine perception.

Saturate my night with divine peace, allow me to rest this night free from fear, worry and bad thoughts.

May I only dream the sweet dreams of divine bliss and may I wake up in the morning happier, stronger and anchored in the consciousness of the Lord.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Beloved God, Devine Saint Michael, grant me with a divine night full of Thy presence.

May I dream only with your presence.

Protect my house, my loved ones, my body, mind, and and soul while I’m resting.

Devine Saint Michael, never let me go. Bless my night so that my devotion and trust in You grow, in order to wake up in the morning with renewed faith and devotion.

Peace, Peace Amen

Archangel Michael Prayer for Sleep

archangel michael prayer for the night

In order to pray before bed and reap all the benefits, I strongly suggest to have just a light dinner, in the same way, a short period of physical activity is ideal to gain greater concentration.

Try to follow these tips one night and compare the outcome, you will see that the results are magnificent.

Let us keep praying…

Divine Saint Michael the Archangel, it is you who sustains my body, mind and soul.

May I find peace and rest tonight through your grace.

May your divine blue ray penetrate and illuminate the darkest corners of my consciousness, and thus, remove any accumulated weeds from my body; from my mind, to remove all limiting and negative thoughts; and from my soul all hints of evil and negativity.

Bless me with a wonderful rest that fills me with vitality, to carry out my activities with energy, health and enthusiasm.

Peace, Peace, Amen.

Archangel Michael, protector of the angels, I thank you for the past day.

Thank you for the blessings that were given to me, even though I still can’t see everything you do for me.

Help me to see that everything that happens to me is intended to teach me and help me find God.

I ask you for enlightenment to face, with courage, the trials that life throws at me.

As well as the strength to overcome the pride that tempts me in moments of happiness.

Peace, Peace, Amen

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